Glimpses of the future in the past

Bernard, 17 July 2012 · # ·

What is linked open data and what does it do? How does it relate to this project?

Difficult questions to answer, at least for me. But watch this screencast and the opportunities – “connecting previously unconnected resources and stories” – become clearer.

Out of the Trenches : A Linked Open Data Project is a ‘proof of concept’ using linked open data and principles of the semantic web to showcase a sampling of the wealth of digital resources in Canadian archives.

The project’s final report lists the following sites and foresights as inspiration; they’re all worth a good look.

We are familiar with traditional narratives. The web – especially the semantic web – offers something else. It may a work in progress, not fully formed, but that only makes it more exciting to explore.

Thanks to Tim Sherratt who tweeted the Canadians’ link.


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