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Darragh Christie, 10 December 2018 · # · Comment

Allport family photographs.

Descendants of the Allport family donated photographs to Local Studies at Barry O’Keefe Library. They include pictures of family outings just after the war. Of particular interest are images of Jack Allport soaring through the air from the high diving platform at Clifton Gardens, and relaxing with his brother Brett, family and friends by the foreshore. Also included are portraits of their father Roland.

Brett, Jack , Amy Allport and friends at Clifton Gardens c 1920. Source: ‘Trace’ online archive Barry O’Keefe Library.

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Darragh Christie, 10 December 2018 · # · Comment

The high flying (and diving) Capt. Jack Allport.

Allport and RE8. Reproduced with permission from the Australian Society of WW1 Aero Historians

Jack and Roland Brett’s names on the South face of the Mosman War Memorial.

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Darragh Christie, 26 November 2018 · # · Comment

Fledgling wings: Lt. Taylor inspires Gunner Allport.

‘Bill’ Taylor and Jack Manning Allport’s paths crossed, albeit briefly, in England’s green and pleasant fields. At the time 2nd Lieutenant Taylor was training to be an aviator, and Gunner J.M. Allport was looking to the skies…

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Darragh Christie, 25 November 2018 · # · Comment

Capt. J.M. Allport: 'Aerial Reconnaissance on the Western Front'

An interview with Capt. J.M. Allport originally published in the 1969 Journal of the Australian Society of WWI Aero Historians, reproduced here with their permission.

Dramatic painting by Merv Corning. Image via CAHS and Leach Heritage of the Air Collection, 1963 Source: Boy-Hero-Alan McLeod. Jack Manning Allport describes this event because his Observer/Gunner Lt. Hammond was involved in it.

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Donna, 23 November 2018 · # · Comment

Charles Lawrence Pollard


Just because the war has ended doesn’t mean we have stopped collecting. The niece of Charles Lawrence ‘Laurie’ Pollard has very kindly donated his archives to the Mosman Local Studies Collection. Laurie drove ambulances and ammunition trucks in France during the First World War. This small collection is a wonderful assortment and includes his pay book, photographs he took and the maps he used on the battlefields. ‘Laurie’ was in the 3rd Australian Ammunition Sub-Park and perhaps this is a photograph of the unit?

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