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Darragh Christie, 21 December 2017 · # · Comment

After Cocos pt.1: Sydney-Emden memorial unveiled!

‘Emden’s Last Battle’ by Claus Bergen [1885-1964].Source 1914: Two sides of the EMDEN-SYDNEY fight in Art [II]. by Horatio J. Kookaburra

B&W Photograph ‘Unveiling the Emden Gun: Captain Glossop adressing the crowd.’

100 years ago, today, Australia’s 1st Naval victory was commemorated.

On Friday 21st December, 1917, SMS Emden’s gun was unveiled at Hyde Park, Sydney (cnr. Oxford and Liverpool St’s.) The event was attended by thousands including veterans and crew from the Sydney who were on shore leave. The Lord Mayor, flanked by dignitaries gave his speech then unveiled the Emden gun draped in the Union Jack. The crowd cheered enthusiastically. The Sydney Morning Herald reported “The scene was exceedingly picturesque, with the brilliant sunshine and the gay colours which flew above the enclosure, where many leading citizens gathered.”

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Darragh Christie, 21 December 2017 · # · Comment

After Cocos pt.2: HMAS Sydney's progress

After leaving SMS Emden ‘wrecked and done for’ in 1914, HMAS Sydney was involved in some interesting engagements whilst serving with the British North Sea fleet.

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Darragh Christie, 12 December 2017 · # · Comment

'NO' again Billy

With recruitment falling in 1917, Hughes called for a 2nd plebiscite on conscription. This campaign was just as devisive as the 1916 campaign. On December 20th the nation voted. The answer was; No, again.

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Donna, 16 November 2017 · # · Comment

George Franki

We were saddened to hear of the passing of George Franki. George was an enthusiastic researcher and a valued supporter of Mosman 1914- 1918: Doing Our Bit.

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Darragh Christie, 7 November 2017 · # · Comment

Taronga Zoo's 'New Exhibits.'

Screen shot of Great War (1917) film reconstructed by NFSA experts. The protest placards make humorous reference to the Zoo’s use as a strike-breakers camp.

A poem called ‘The New Exhibits’ by R.J. Cassidy was published in the The Worker. It pokes fun at Zoo’s temporary residents – ‘free labourer’s’ being used to break the Great Strike of 1917.

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