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Darragh Christie, 27 April 2021 · # · Comment

Reading about the 1919 'flu Pandemic

Interestingly enough a few books about the 1919 influenza pandemic were published just before the current event. A year on here is some recommended reading…

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Darragh Christie, 12 April 2021 · # · · · Comment

Author Talk on Facebook 12/04/21 @ 10:30am

Part 1: Beginnings & Bill Taylor’s Call to the Skies

Link to FB page

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Darragh Christie, 26 January 2021 · # · Comment

Summer '14-18 style: Surfing firsts with Smithy & friends

Photos of Smithy, and surfing legends Duke Kahanamoku and Isabel Letham

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Darragh Christie, 14 January 2021 · # · Comment

'I’m rambling now but I enjoy doing it!': Rodney Ellison's Mosman Memories

I’ve lived nearly all my life in Mosman as I have said. My family grew up in Mosman and I grew up in Mosman and my kids, and my grandkids. I’ve been blessed. I can’t think of anywhere better to have grown up or to have lived. It is a unique part of Sydney. It has more waterfront than any other suburb, but it is more than that it has a, for me anyhow, a pleasant serenity. It is becoming a bit more sophisticated, but I enjoy it and I’m a very happy fella.

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Darragh Christie, 18 December 2020 · # · Comment