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Darragh Christie, 18 September 2021 · # · Comment

A Pandemic message: Hullo! How are you?

Everything old is new again:

Did you know May Gibbs of Nutcote Snugglepot and Cuddlepie: Their Adventures Wonderful. in January, 2018? Did you also know she made pictures to be sent to cheer up homesick volunteers? Maybe in these times, we can appreciate them just as much…

This is an excerpt from a public health poster about the Spanish influenza (flu) pandemic, drawn by children’s illustrator and author May Gibbs in 1919. The detail features a gumnut baby and a kookaburra sitting on a branch, with eucalyptus leaves wrapped around their mouths in the manner of surgical masks. Apart from the leaf, the gumnut baby wears only a gumnut on her head. The illustration is captioned ‘Hullo! How are you?’ Source SLNSW Online learning resource

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Darragh Christie, 8 September 2021 · # · Comment

They fell at Pozières

A few days after the disaster at Fromelles, Australian Divisions were thrown into the battle for a small French village called Pozières

Australian official historian Charles Bean wrote that Pozières ridge “is more densely sown with Australian sacrifice than any other place on earth.” At least 21 Mosman volunteers fell between the 23rd of July and the 17th of August, 1916

Gibraltar bunker Pozieres (AWM EZ0098)

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Darragh Christie, 4 September 2021 · # · Comment

Borough's beginnings: Mayor Taylor's legacy

New photos have been added of Mayor P.T. Taylor to the Trace image archive and linked to Trove online database.

125 years ago founding Alderman Patrick Thomson Taylor was elected Mayor. 1896 was also the year his third son, and later famous aviator Bill Taylor was born. Mosman at the time was transforming from a weekend retreat to a bustling suburb. Mr P.T. Taylor was one of the civic, business-minded Councillors who made it happen.

P.T.Taylor and original crest designed by Livingston Hopkins.

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Darragh Christie, 30 August 2021 · # · Comment

Taronga Zoo's 'New Exhibits.'

Strike-breakers at Taronga Zoo viewing the monkey enclosure, 1917. Their tents can be seen in the trees behind. Stanley R. Beer Studio National Library of Australia 148692292) Spider Monkey performing at Taronga Zoo & Spider-monkey performing at the Zoo from Trace image archive, Barry O’Keefe Library

A poem called ‘The New Exhibits’ by R.J. Cassidy was published in the The Australian Worker. It pokes fun at Zoo’s temporary residents…

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Darragh Christie, 20 August 2021 · # · Comment