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Darragh Christie, 17 July 2021 · # · Comment

Darragh Christie, 30 June 2021 · # · Comment

'Right royal welcome' to Pacific fliers 'Smithy' & 'alphabet' Ulm

On Saturday June 30th, 1928, Mosman held the biggest public reception in it’s history. It was reported 5-6,000 people gathered to cheer on and listen to two of their greatest heroes. Charles Ulm and Charles Kingsford Smith. Local boys made good. Now home, embraced by their parents, loved ones and a nation thrilled by their daring feats.

Inside page of memorial book presented to Charles Ulm on 30 June 1928. Source: Local Studies collection Barry O’ Keefe Library

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Darragh Christie, 29 June 2021 · # · Comment

Sweet Nell's memento, Smithy's lucky charm

Nellie Stewart and Charles Kingsford Smith were the rock stars of their day. But before Smithy achieved mythic status he was just another young larrikin army volunteer…Who’d have thought Nellie would be buying tickets to his Pacific flight reception with Charles Ulm, at Mosman, over ten years later? And what was the lucky charm Smithy kept on him during his arduous and sometimes lonely flights…

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Darragh Christie, 9 June 2021 · # · Comment

Local resident Norman Ellison's Southern Cross 'scoop'

At 10.50am, June 9, 1928 local resident Norman Ellison was am eye-witness to one of the greatest moments in Australian aviation. But from his angle (and the crowd present) all of the four flyers deserved a warm Aussie welcome, not just their hero Smithy. Norman Ellison made sure of it…

Headline story for the ‘Brisbane Daily’ 10 June, 1928

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Darragh Christie, 3 June 2021 · # · Comment

Charles Ulm: A flying life

Source: MAAS

After WW1 Charles Ulm became a household name. Here is a summary of his short and eventful life…

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