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Darragh Christie, 31 October 2021 · # · Comment [2]

Chargers who didn't come home

Image: from online archive of the Digby family’

Four men, Gerald Digby, Gordon Abbott, Rex Coley and Colin Bull, charged towards Beersheba. Sadly Only two came home and one war-horse in 150,000 came back.

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Darragh Christie, 30 August 2021 · # · Comment

Taronga Zoo's 'New Exhibits.'

Strike-breakers at Taronga Zoo viewing the monkey enclosure, 1917. Their tents can be seen in the trees behind. Stanley R. Beer Studio National Library of Australia 148692292) Spider Monkey performing at Taronga Zoo & Spider-monkey performing at the Zoo from Trace image archive, Barry O’Keefe Library

A poem called ‘The New Exhibits’ by R.J. Cassidy was published in the The Australian Worker. It pokes fun at Zoo’s temporary residents…

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A new world after war: Eleanor & Eric Dark in the timeless land.

Eleanor Dark (nee O’Reilly) grew up during WW1. She lived in Neutral Bay, went to school at Redlands in Cremorne and lived for a while with her aunt in Mosman. At the time she was nick-named ‘Pixie.’

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