A day at Hyde Park Memorial

Darragh Christie, 12 August 2019 · #

On August 10 the John Laffin Memorial Lecture day was held at the recently renovated Hyde Park Memorial

These renovations include a courtyard of place-names, with a sample of earth from each locality. Both Mosman and Spit Junction are represented.

After the two talks: one on headstones and identifying unmarked graves; the second about the Conscription debate that divided Australia1 during the war, participants were given a guided tour of the new Museum and Library.

The Museum has permanent and current exhibitions. The Library has an interesting collection, which includes original maps. One of Northern France provided a challenge and amusement, but we eventually found the location we were looking for.2

Display relating to the 100th anniversary: ‘1919’

Display relating to the 100th anniversary: The great air race in 1919 from England to Australia.

Display relating to the 1914-18 air war in of RE8 pilot, Nigel Love.

In the afternoon, Doing Our Bit founder Bernard de Broglio gave a talk, ‘Traces of the the First World War in Sydney’s streets and civic spaces’. Like previous addresses it was interesting, educational and entertaining. Some of the content can be found in a previous online article for the City of Sydney.

The presentation referenced research done during the project: The Emden gun in the corner of Hyde Park3; the beer-fuelled riot by recruits in the City in February, 1916,4 and Margaret Preston’s comments about the Cenotaph at Martin Place.5

Presenter and image of Emden gun.

Emden gun on location at the end of the day…

All in all, a great day!

Footnoted articles relating to the talks:

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