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Darragh Christie, 14 August 2021 · # · · Comment

Where angels fear to tread: Smithy’s baptism of fire

‘He attacked Huns with a ferocity he never knew he possessed’ Illustration by J.D. Carrick

Charles Kingsford Smith became a household name after the war. Less known are his war experiences. It was in 1917 that his flying career was forged. In the fire of adversity.

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Darragh Christie, 13 August 2021 · # · Comment

Charles Ulm: flights with Kingsford Smith and P.G. Taylor

Charles Ulm with Smithy and Bill Taylor flew trailblazing records across the world’s oceans, before disappearing between San Francisco to Hawaii in 1934.

Source SLNSW Charles T.P. Ulm collection of historical aviation photographs, ca. 1920-1934

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Darragh Christie, 6 August 2021 · # · Comment

Reading Ypres-Passchendaele; Destruction witnessed, 60 remembered.

Allan Allsop witnessed the destruction of Ypres from behind the lines. The 3rd Ypres campaign, culminating in the Battle of Passchendaele, claimed the lives of at least 60 volunteers from Mosman. New names have been added to the Doing Our Bit site since 2017 and are now updated here. I have also recommended books to read on the subject.

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Darragh Christie, 6 August 2021 · # · Comment

Allport family photos on Trace & Trove

Descendants of the Allport family donated photographs to Local Studies at Barry O’Keefe Library. They include pictures of family outings just after the war. Of particular interest are images of Jack Allport soaring through the air from the high diving platform at Clifton Gardens, and relaxing with his brother Brett, family and friends by the foreshore. Also included are portraits of their father Roland.

Brett, Jack , Amy Allport and friends at Clifton Gardens c 1920.

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Darragh Christie, 5 August 2021 · # · Comment

'I’m rambling now but I enjoy doing it!': Rodney Ellison's Mosman Memories

I’ve lived nearly all my life in Mosman as I have said. My family grew up in Mosman and I grew up in Mosman and my kids, and my grandkids. I’ve been blessed. I can’t think of anywhere better to have grown up or to have lived. It is a unique part of Sydney. It has more waterfront than any other suburb, but it is more than that it has a, for me anyhow, a pleasant serenity. It is becoming a bit more sophisticated, but I enjoy it and I’m a very happy fella.

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