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Darragh Christie, 9 December 2019 · # · Comment

1919 Air Race. Ross Smith to HMAS Sydney: 'Very glad to see you...'

What is going on in this photo? The event was exactly 100 years ago.

Gibbons, O. (1919). On 10 December 1919 the Vickers Vimy was sighted approaching Australia by sailors aboard the HMAS Sydney, 100 miles from Darwin. Upon seeing the ship, the Smith brothers and crew dropped a message in a bottle which was collected by the ship’s crew. It said “Very glad to see you. Many thanks for looking after us. Going strong.”

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Darragh Christie, 21 November 2019 · # · Comment

(HMAS) Sydney day trip

Five years ago I started on this project with a post about the 100th anniversary of HMAS Sydney’s victory over the SMS Emden on 09/11/1914. Much has been written since. A travel guide of sorts follows…

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Darragh Christie, 12 November 2019 · # · Comment

Ethel Turner first editions

Recently, I happened across two books by Ethel Turner and donated them to Local Studies at Barry O’Keefe Library.

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Darragh Christie, 1 September 2019 · # · Comment

Eric and Eleanor Dark

Eleanor Dark (nee O’Reilly) grew up during WW1. She lived in Neutral Bay, went to school at Redlands in Cremorne and lived for a while with her aunt in Mosman. At the time she was nick-named ‘Pixie.’

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