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Darragh Christie, 10 December 2020 · # · Comment

'Hospital on the Hill' photographs

Photographs of a recent visit to Georges Heights Hospital. Here they treated men with war wounds and victims of the 1919 influenza pandemic.

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Darragh Christie, 21 November 2020 · # · Comment

1919 Air Race: Why didn't Smithy fly the Kangaroo?

There was I with the remains of a war wound, a war gratuity and a war decoration, with the wide world before me…

- Charles Kingsford Smith

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Darragh Christie, 11 November 2020 · # · Comment

2020, In Memorium

The Mosman War Memorial seemed to be in lock-down like the rest of us during Covid. As you approach the Memorial now, lists of names carved gold into the smooth dark granite glitter in the sun. So who were they and what was their fate?

Mosman Merorial in iso’ , July ’20 Photo by author

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Darragh Christie, 28 October 2020 · # · Comment

The Women's Vote

Recently I came across the following image. It matched a quote perfectly in the story The Blood Vote: Mosman votes YES, others NO, about how women from both sides argued their positions in the Conscription referendum of Oct 28, 1916.

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Darragh Christie, 7 October 2020 · # · Comment