Photographs donated relating to two men listed on Mosman war memorials

Donna, 24 April 2014 · # ·

We have recently received donations of items relating to two men who are listed on war memorials in Mosman.

The first was a photograph of Jack Weston Attwood which turned up in a bundle of clothes in a NSW country op-shop.

The op-shop volunteer, an Intelligence Analyst in a previous life, was intrigued and quickly asked the donor about its origins. The donor replied she had actually intended to throw it out and it was only by accident it was in the bundle. Apparently Jack had boarded with the donor’s son many years earlier in another country town.

So our former Intelligence Analyst researched Jack, found him listed on our site and kindly posted the photograph to the library.

The other is a photograph postcard showing Francis Herbert Semple and another soldier, Norm, on camels in front of a sphinx and pyramid in Egypt dated 1916.

This postcard, found wedged in the chimney of a fireplace in a Mosman home, is another wonderful gem.


Scott Wilson · 26 April 2014 · #

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I am glad that postcard of Francis Herbert Semple (whom I assume is mounted on the middle camel in the photograph) has emerged. The colour patch on his left shoulder does appear to be 2nd Battalion A.I.F.

He is also named on the University of Sydney Roll of Honour. He is listed as studying Arts 1 and his schooling was at Darlinghurst Superior Public School.


Bernard · 28 April 2014 · #

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Thanks Scott, appreciated.