With the colors: honour boards acquired

Bernard, 28 March 2013 · # ·

Two framed honour boards with 62 photographic portraits and a set of index cards with information on about 1,800 Mosman WWI servicemen were acquired last week from a researcher in Canberra.

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, contacted Mosman Library after a friend alerted him to our story highlighting ‘Lost Digger’ Sid Carroll in the Mosman Daily.

The honour boards resemble the three held by Mosman Library – one, two and three – in both style and presentation. They may once have been part of the same set. Most, if not all, the men pictured have a Mosman connection (we have not found any other common link) and no man appears twice. Both groups are titled “WITH THE COLORS”.

The provenance of the three honour boards held by Mosman Library is not known, and they are unframed. The boards acquired from Canberra are framed, and were purchased from a Melbourne militaria dealer in 1991.

We are looking at ways to appropriately conserve and present the five honour boards, and will scan individually the portraits on the newly acquired boards as soon as we can.

Names from the newly acquired boards have been added to the spreadsheet Names of service people recorded on local honour rolls and are reproduced below.

Engr. Harry Snell Pte. E.A. Stimson
Sapper Leslie H. Barry Cpl L.S. Ironsdale [TROUSDALE L. S.?]
Sgt. K. Horne Cpl. D.P. Stanton
Corpl. S.H. Bell Pte. Bronson Hanslow
Eric Moss Tpr H.S. Lang
Gunner J.E. Tristram Pte S.E. Dingle
Pte. A.F. Tristram Pte. S. Dewhurst
Pte. Oscar Hall Sgt. Keith Gillies
Gunner R.E. Marlow Pte. W.F. McGregor
L.Corpl. S.C. Flew Signaller R.A. Etherington
Pte. E.D. Flew Pte. A.A. Johnson
Gunner J.N. Angles Pte. C. Sawyer
Pte. Jack L. Roberts L.Cpl. Harry R. Austen
Gunner Fred. Parle Pte. E.A. Wetton
Driver A.A. Purse Pte. A. Callaghan
Driver J.S. Purse Pte. F.G. Dingle
Gunner J.S. Gard Pte. W.H. Kerr
Gunner K.R. Gard Driver A.E. Kerr
Gunner E.H. Corbitt L.Cpl. A.R. Cleverley
Pte. Roy Gorrick Q.M.S. E.J. Turner
Sgt. T. Beer Pte. H.E. Gray
Gunner Alan Oatley Pte. N.J.W. MacMahon
Gunner Geoffrey Oatley Pte. E.D.C. MacMahon
Gunner Jack Noone Trumpeter C. Tilburn
Sapper Jim Noone Pte. Hugh L. Paul
Sapper Ted Noone Pte. C. Mansfield
Sgt. C.V. Dunlop Pte. H.F. Garland
Gunner W.C. Livesey
Trooper F. Banza
Pte G.V. Gillespie
Gunner Frank L. Davis
Sapper A. Kernaghan
Lieut. R.A. Macalpine
Sgt. G.W. Macalpine
Pte. J. Madgewick

Among the 1,800 index cards is this man who not surprisingly changed his name on enlistment.

The cards, based on research of paper records and microfiche conducted before WWI archives were digitised, will help us cross-check lists generated by computer.


Alison McCALLUM · 2 April 2013 · #

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What a wonderful acquisition. Hats off to the researcher who had rescued the boards and then honoured the servicemen by compiling the treasure trove of index cards.

Mosman families must be celebrating the return of these fine men. No doubt there are some current branches of the families who have never before seen originals or copies of portraits of their men.

Congratulations to all concerned with the acquisition, and best wishes to all concerned in the ongoing project of digitising and cross-checking the material.

Margaret Farlow · 2 April 2013 · #

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Wow! what a wonderful find and addition to your collection.
At Ryde we were recently looking at a photo from “Sydney Mail” titled ‘Unveiling a Roll of Honour at Eastwood, N.S.W.’ from May 1916, part of the photo’s caption reads ‘…no fewer than 107 have joined the colours, and an honour roll containing their names was recently unveiled in the local public school grounds by Mr. F.W. Lee, president of the Eastwood Patriotic Association.’
It also stated the band of the 19th Infantry was in attendance.

This rang a bell when I read of your recently acquired honour boards titled “WITH THE COLOURS’ and suggest that you look for possible connections with the local patriotic Association or your local pre-war militia, as the 19th (Ku-ring-gai) Infantry was in the Ryde Municipality. Many who joined from our district recorded having some pre-war experience as members in their service records.

We at the ‘Ryde goes to war project’ hope that one day we might also be lucky to find the 1916 Eastwood Roll of Honour that goes with our newspaper story!

Margaret from the Ryde goes to war Project.

Bernard · 3 April 2013 · #

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Alison and Margaret, thank you for your comments. And good idea, Margaret, we’ll follow that trail and see where it leads.

Bernard · 9 May 2013 · #

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I contacted Pierre Durand, the Melbourne militaria dealer who sold the honour boards to our Canberra researcher. He has some information on the provenance of the boards, and kindly gave permission for his email to be published on the blog:

Yes I remember the panels well. My understanding was that they came from a defunct RSL in NSW somewhere not known. (But country location). My wife Jacqui and I purchased them from an Antique Centre, also defunct and now closed. We aquired them in the 1980’s. We used them with many other Military photos as a backdrop display for our first photo exhibition during the same time period. Sir Edward ‘Weary” Dunlop hosted our exhibition which was a great success. The attached photo shows them on the wall of our old shop. Hope this helps.

The Luddite Canberra Researcher! · 10 May 2013 · #

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Well done, Bernard! The challenge on provenance is still before you, but …… Here’s hoping for a final breakthrough. You are certainly doing your bit. Now about that beer…

The Luddite Canberra Researcher! · 10 May 2013 · #

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And thank you, Alison and Margaret for your kind comments!

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