Building the Build-a-thon

Gavin Fordyce, 6 August 2012 · # ·

The Build-a-thon is fast approaching. It’ll be a jam-packed day of thinking, linking, learning and making. Not sure what to expect? Well neither do we — there’s a basic outline below, but the day will be shaped by your interests and enthusiasms.

As the name suggests, we want to use the day to start building. We’ll have three hour-long ‘sprints’ during which we’ll be working intensively on a series of tasks or projects. I’ll be posting some suggested tasks over the next few days, but you’re free to suggest your own. There’ll be jobs for everyone, no matter what your knowledge or experience.

To break things up and put your labours in context, I’ll be giving a series of short talks introducing some of the possibilities of digital history. And to keep you occupied over lunch there’ll be a mystery box challenge — see what stories you can cook up!

If you have a laptop, please bring it along. Coffee, lunch and wifi will be provided!

Draft program

10.00—10.15: Registration (get your coffee orders in!)
10.15—10.30: Introduction, ‘Small stories in a big data world’
10.30—11.00: Setting goals for the day. Discussion of possible tasks. Forming teams.
11.00—12.00: First sprint
12.00—12.15: Talk, ‘A digital history toolkit’
12.15—13.00: Mystery box challenge (and lunch)
13.00—13.15: Talk, ‘Telling stories and building interfaces’
13.15—14.15: Second sprint
14.15—14.30: Talk, ‘Connections and contexts through Linked Open Data’
14.30—15.30: Third sprint
15.30—15.45: Report back on sprints
15.45—16.00: What next?
16.00—: Adjourn to pub.


Bernard D · 15 August 2012 · #

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Video of three of Tim's four talks at Build-a-thon on Saturday. Sorry, didn't capture that final talk on linked open data.

Small stories in a big data world

A digital history toolkit

Telling stories and building interfaces

There are also photos on Flickr. And a collection of tweets and photos over the weekend have been archived in Storify.