Meeting Sep & his son

Harold Langford, son of Norman (N.H.) Langford, writes that his father served with Septimus Parle during WW1.

"About 50 or so years ago," says Norman, "I met with him regularly, at his pharmacy in Victoria Avenue (west of the railway), Chatswood as I was a commercial traveller for a drug company. My father told me that they served together and sometimes met at the Chatswood RSL Club near his pharmacy. At that time, Sep’s son, occasionally worked at the pharmacy... [He had an] obsession with old electric trams. About 14 years ago, I visited the Tram Museum at Loftus, South Sydney, and met the said son. I learned that he was a Museum Committee man and had made the museum his life."

Pete the Poet, on Flickr, writes: 

"I remember Sep Parle at his pharmacy at Chatswood back in the 1960s. He was always very kind, softly spoken and helpful. A delightful fellow, couldn't ask for better.

"The pharmacy back then would not be recognizable today. It was not brilliantly lit, much of the furniture was dark polished timber with glass panels. There was a huge thermometer by the front door in a wooden panel."

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