Born: 25 January 1889

Died: 13 June 1977

Bernard William Bartram Carver enlisted with the A.I.F. on the 16/02/1915. He stated on his enlistment form that he was "British Born"; 26yrs, 1 mnth of age ; a Bank Teller; and resided at "Ormside" in Belmont Rd. Mosman. He is descibed as having fair hair and blue eyes and was 5' 7 and 3/4 " 

He was assigned the Service No. 2837 and disembarked for overseas on the 25/06/1915. He served with the 5th Field Ambulance Regiment (C  Section) and was discharged from service on the 16/07/1919.

Unfortunately he was hospilised due to the effects of mustard gas poisoning (06/08/1914-"gassed"). He had been previously addmited with "Dysentry" (07/10/1915)

After the war he re-applied for a "Returned Soldiers Active Service Badge" which had been lost (12/09/1961) as well a a "Galipolli" medal.

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