Born: 2 April 1886

Died: 18 June 1936

An Anglican minister who was appointed a chaplain in the AIF on 2 March 1916. He embarked for Egypt on 28 March and arrived on 5 May 1916.

He arrived in England in August 1916 and was attached to the 7th Training Battalion. Between 10 May and 28 July 1917 he served in France attached to the Australian General Base Depot at Rouelles, then returned to England and served at the 1st Australian Auxiliary Hospital at Harefield.

He embarked for Australia on 20 November 1918 and arrived on 5 January 1919 then his appointment as a chaplain was terminated on 29 January 1919. However, after a stay of three months, he was re-appointed and embarked for England on 19 April 1919 arriving on 7 June. Then he embarked for Australia on 19 July and arrived on 5 September 1919 when his appointment was terminated on the same day.

He married, in 1920, Jessie Neilson Burns of Mosman who had served with the Australian Army Nursing Service. [JSB]

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