Born: 1 January 1893

Died: 11 October 1918

Only son of Edward Charles and Elizabeth Corbitt, of 33 Prince Street.

On the afternoon of the 11th October we had pulled the guns into a forward position and had returned to an orchard further back to establish Waggon lines. We were taking the horses to water in the village adjoining and Dvr. Corbitt was 30 yards in front of me leading his two horses. The enemy started to shell the village and I saw a shell burst close to Corbitt. When I got up to him I found him badly smashed especially about the head. He must have got the full benefit of it and was certainly killed instantly. It was about 4 P.M. when he was killed. The name of the Village was Escaufort. - Dvr. W. Mackay. 20828.

The 12th Field Arillery Brigade Commander's Diaries for October 1918 record the events of 10 October:

The 46th Battery established forward Wagon Lines in vicinity of Escaufourt and were heavily shelled with 5.9" Howitzers. Eigth casualties were caused, and the Wagon Lines had to be withdrawn.




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