Born: 2 July 1887

Died: 28 January 1953

The following is the Australian War Memorial's summary of his service from the webpage which has a photograph of his sun helmet which he was wearing when wounded at the Battle of Romani against a Turkish-German force attempting to gain control of the Suez Canal.

"This helmet, showing evidence of shrapnel damage, was worn by Captain Albert Leslie Fitzpatrick, of 1 Light Horse Regiment when he was wounded at the Battle of Romani, on 4 August 1916. A Turkish shrapnel shell burst near him, killing three horses. Fitzpatrick was wounded in the head and neck. One piece of shrapnel passed under his spine, another grazed the skull and a third tore the puggaree on his helmet and passed through the inside of the helmet without hitting his head.

Fitzpatrick was born in 1887 and had served in the militia with the 26th Australian Army Service Corps Company before he enlisted for service in the AIF on 2 September 1914. He served with 1 Light Horse Brigade on Gallipoli but was evacuated with heart trouble in July 1915. After treatment in Malta and England he returned to Egypt in April 1916 and joined 1 Light Horse Regiment. In July he was made honorary Captain and Quartermaster of the regiment.

Fitzgerald was evacuated to Egypt for treatment after he was wounded at Romani and was listed as dangerously ill until 11 September. He was evacuated to Australia on 23 September and discharged medically unfit in 1917."

He had married Constance Ivy Low (1896-1971) at Fulham, Middlesex on 6 February 1916. They came to live in Mosman in 1917. [JSB]

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