Dear Old Winnie

Percy Wintle aged 22½ writing to his sister Winifred aged 25 who lived in Bristol UK. 

I was forwarded this letter from the Australian War Memorial, it is hard to read so I have typed it out.  I did know of the existence of this letter and recently was given a copy of the letter from the Australian High Commission in London  to John Gilvear, grandson of the recipient of my father’s letter. Once I forwarded this letter to the AWM they were able to track down the original letter.   It is a simple letter, a young man who had just enlisted, writing to his big sister, trying to be brave.

Private P.W. Wintle
10th Rein 4th Battalion Infantry
Liverpool, Australia
July 30th 1915

Dear Old Winnie,

No doubt you will be surprised to see by the above that I have enlisted for the front and we expect to leave here in about 3 weeks time for Turkey, but of course I know this news will upset you but don’t worry because I shall be alright and I know you would not like to think you had a brother that was afraid to go and not only that but I am a single man and that makes all the difference but I am afraid you will not be able to write to me until I send you the address because we shall be gone from here before an answer could arrive.

I have just received your most welcome letter including the Xmas Card together with several from home so you can see they have been quite a long time arriving.

I will send you my Photo as soon as I get it taken and it will be in my military uniform and perhaps it will be my last but still we hope not.

I have wrote and told mother and explained things to her but I know it will upset her so if you can you might slip round and tell her not to worry but still it had to be done because we don’t know what will happen in a few months time.

So now dear Win I must conclude but will send you the address as soon as I hear.  So with fond love I beg to remain,

Your loving Brother


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30 July 1915
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