Born: 1 August 1893

Died: 25 December 1958

Served with the Australian Naval and Military Expeditionary Force between August 1914 and February 1915.  He then joined the Australian Imperal Force and served with the 18th Battalion at Gallipoli.  He was wounded in action (bullet wound to left chest) on 22 August 1915, six days after arriving at Gallipoli. As a result, after six months treatment in Malta and England, he returned to Australia in April 1916.  His appointment was terminated in September 1916.  He was re-appointed in December 1916 to the Sea Transport Service and completed a return voyage to England.  His appointment was terminated in May 1917.  [JSB]


Bruce Harding McLachlan enlisted for the Expeditionary Force 14/8/1914 at 21 years. He had been educated at Sydney Grammar School, passing the Junior Public Exam. He was a clerk at Dalgety ?Brokers? in Sydney. He had had 2 years with the Grammar Cadets and held a commission in the 21st Woollahra Infantry - passed for Lieutenant. His postal address "Urana" Cowles Rd, Mosman and next of kin Mrs McLachlan, Cowles Rd, Mosman. Embarked Aug 1914, returned 16/1/1915.

WW1 Lieut. Bruce Harding McLachlan Sea Transport Service
18th Battalion.
12/12/1916 joined at age 23 years and 4 months.
Commissioned service since 24/8/1012.
Active service AIF 11/8/1914.
He was still a clerk and his next of kin his mother, Mrs Mary Josephine McLachlan "Harkaway" Stanley Ave, Mosman.
19/12/1916 embarked "Orontes".
17/2/1917 disembarked at Plymouth.
22/8/1915 wounded at Gallipoli Peninsula, gun shot wound to the chest.
25/8/1915 H.S. "Franconia" invalided to England.
9/9/1915 admitted to No2 London Gen. Hospital with GSW to chest and malaria. ( His mother was informed at the address, "Urana" Cowles Rd, Mosman).
24/2/1916 placed on Supernumerary List of 18th Battn. AIF.
17/3/1916 RTA "Ascanius" as unfit all services 4 months.
30/4/1916 arrived in Australia.
13/9/1916 Appointment terminated in AIF.

WW2 Captain Bruce Harding McLachlan N318130 born 1/8/1893.
28/3/1942 enlisted.
8/9/1948 discharged.

Born: 1 August 1893 Sydney.
Died: 25 December 1958 Kowloon Hospital, Hong Kong, of 15 Prince Albert St, Mosman.
Married: 1921 Sydney to Caroline Margaret Nash (1889 Wallsend - 20/12/1962 Sydney).

1. Prudence Ann McLachlan (21/6/1921 Mosman - 13/1/2010 sydney) married 1952 at Newtown to John McPhillips. She was a medical practitioner. They had a son and 2 daughters.
2. Myles John McLachlan (28/8/1925 Mosman - 29/6/2012 formerly of Bowral) married Ann Madeleine Macmahon (? - 4/4/1991 at Mittagong, late of Sydney and Dungog). Joined RAN - his final rank was Lieutenant Commander.
3. a daughter whose husband Brian Mackey died 9/11/1999).

Hugh McLachlan (1856 Glebe - 13/10/1909 Summer Hill) and Mary Josephine Quinlan (1860 - 21/2/1938 private hospital, late of Cowles Rd, Mosman).

1. Hubert Donald (Bert) McLachlan (1885 Redfern - 19/7/1973 formerly of Mosman) married 1923 at Mosman to Mabel Palmer (1899 Glebe - 12/10/1986 Tumut). He was a solicitor. They had a daughter and son.
2. Aileen A McLachlan (1888 Redfern - 24/4/1910 Uralla, Liverpool Rd, Burwood).
3. Edith Islay McLachlan (1890 Redfern - 17/7/1983 Lindfield).
4. Thomas Keith (Keith) McLachlan (1905 Newtown - 9/6/1992 late of Chatswood) married 1932 at Newtown to Gwendoline Regina Boyd (1907 Newtown - 14/10/1974 late of Chatswood).
Three children one of whom was a daughter.

Nb There are many newspaper articles on the death of his father in 1909 as he was Secretary of the Railways and a man of note as was his uncle Duncan McLachlan. These can be found in Trove.

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