Born: 1 January 1889

Died: 12 May 1983

Born: 1889, St Leonards, Sydney, NSW Australia
Parents: Thomas Suttie & Margaret MacGregor
Marriage: Dorothy Gladys Cook in 1917
Sibling: Margaret, married Sir William Sowden 1929, at Clifton Gardens.
Died: 12 May 1983, Mosman, Sydney, NSW Australia at age 94

George Crawford Suttie served with the British Army, 50th (Northumbrian) Division, Northumbrian Divisional Train.

  • London Gazette, 15 May 1915: to be Second Lieutenant, 14th May, 1915, George Crawford Suttie.
  • London Gazette, 7 September 1915: to be temporary Lieutenant, 8th September, 1915, George C. Suttie.
  • London Gazette, 3 January 1919: Lt. George Crawford Suttie, 1st North'n Bde., from North'n Div. Train, R.A.S.C. (T.F.), to be Lt. 1st Aug. 1918. 
  • London Gazette, 5 December 1921: TERRITORIAL ARMY. The undermentioned Offrs. relinquish their commns., 30th Sept. 1921, under A.Q. 166/21, as amended by A.O. 332/21, and retain their rank, except where otherwise stated: Lt. G. C. Suttie.

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