Born: 12 August 1862

Died: 4 February 1948

A school teacher who enlisted in the AIF on 26 April 1916 aged 54 years and 8 months by understating his age by 10 years and 2 months. His son, Eric Bland Hadley, who served at Gallipoli with the 1st Australian Light Horse Field Ambulance had been medically discharged from the AIF about three weeks before. He embarked for England on 31 October 1916 and arrived on 10 January 1917.

He commenced training in England to serve with the 23rd Battalion. In June 1917 he was attached to Headquarters AIF Depots in UK and then in August to AIF Headquarters in London. It was decided that he should return to Australia due to rheumatism and senility (over age).

He embarked for Australia on 21 April and arrived on 7 June then was discharged from the AIF on 15 July 1918. [JSB]

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