Born: 24 November 1885

Died: 7 May 1951

A french polisher who enlisted in the AIF in early 1916. He deserted from Liverpool Army Camp on 6 April 1916. Following his return to duty he was court martialled on 21 November 1917 and sentenced to six months detention.

His sentence was suspended when he embarked for England on 28 February 1918. He arrived on 20 April and commenced final training for service with the 3rd Battalion. In June he was transferred to the 2nd Australian Command Depot suffering from "nervous debility". On 19 July he was given a remission of the rest of his sentence.

He embarked for Australia on 8 August and arrived on 4 October then was discharged from the AIF on 23 October 1918. [JSB]

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