Born: 29 October 1897

Died: 9 September 1957

A mechanic who enlisted in March 1916 and served with the 18th Battalion.

He was wounded in action three times. On 4 October 1916, 11 days after joining the 18th, he was wounded in the shoulder while his unit was near Zillebecke, Belgium. He was evacuated to England and following treatment and recovery, he returned to the front on 17 January 1917.

On 26 February 1917, when the 18th was attacking the German lines near Warlencourt, he was wounded for a second time with wounds to his right arm, leg and buttock. Again he was evacuated to England. During his time in England he was transferred to the nascent 63rd Battalion which disbanded in September 1917. He returned to the 18th on 14 October 1917.

He was wounded in action (gassed) a third time on 8 November 1917 when the 18th was near Dickebusch, Belgium.

He elected to be discharged from the AIF in London on 20 February 1919. He emigrated to the USA in the early 1920s. [JSB]

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