New images of Lt E.C. Banks.

Darragh Christie, 17 November 2019 · #

Recently I found and added new images of Mosman WW1 aviator Edmond Banks, featured in Souveniring history: Lt. E.C. Banks and the Red Baron’s last flight.

Pilot Nigel Love (centre) with two of the Observers who flew missions with him, Max Shelley (left) and Edmond Banks (right). [Nigel Love Collection]

Nigel Love (in fur flying boots) of 3AFC at Bailleul France (behind the Ypres salient) 17 February 1918. Nigel’s Observer on his first operational flight was 1st Lt Banks (at left). [Nigel Love Collection]

The photos came from 3 Squadron’s website. A book on Bank’s co-pilot during that flight, Lt. Simpson, was published within days of completing the blog story…