Australian Red Cross celebrates its centenary

Donna Braye, 21 January 2014 · # ·

Booklet – Red Cross Society, Goods Needed for War Effort, Australian Branch, World War I, circa 1914. Source: Museum Victoria

The Australian Red Cross established in 1914, as a branch of the British Red Cross, just nine days after the outbreak of war, celebrates its centenary this year.

Those who could not enlist volunteered their time and skills to the Australian Red Cross cause. These included many Mosman residents, such as Sir William Cullen and his wife, Eliza, and author, Ethel Turner.

Louise Mack donated the proceeds from the sale of her book A Woman’s Experiences in the Great War to the Red Cross and spent the rest of the war years touring the country to maintain awareness of the work of the Red Cross, which included listing missing and wounded soldiers.

Trooper Bluegum’s verse was published as Poems and Picture: for the Red Cross Society as a way of raising money for the Society’s important work.

Ellen Leahy, aunt of Sid and Dalton “Jack” Carroll, was foundation President of the Mosman Red Cross and was awarded the MBE for her work. Mary Lou has written of the concert parties hosted by the Mosman Red Cross to raise funds.

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