Pte. K. Lutge – One of the 170+ men pictured on the honour boards held at Mosman Library. Learn more about this man.

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Welcome to our team space. A key part of this project is sharing the work done ‘behind the scenes’. Learn about digital tools and technologies. Explore online sources relating to World War One.

The Lost Diggers: Ross Coulthart at Mosman Library

A great story, well told. Thanks to Ross and his wife Kerrie for an excellent evening. Thanks also to Pages & Pages Booksellers and Inside History who joined us on the night.

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Bernard · 8 December 2012 · # · · Comment

Scan-a-thon appreciation

I wrote a piece for Mosman Council’s website on the Open Day & Scan-a-thon held on 10 November. Librarians and volunteers felt it was a success, and we’ve had great feedback from those who brought in their treasures. We’ve also had a number of calls since the day, and more fascinating items brought in to the Library – and promised!

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Bernard · 30 November 2012 · # · · Comment

Four Days in a Shell Hole: Hedley Selwyn De Quetteville Robin

This is an interesting story – Remarkable Rescue: Four Days in a Shell Hole – and I’m not sure why it wasn’t printed in the Australian newspapers, particularly as the story is noted as originating from Sydney. Perhaps Selwyn’s mother, Mrs Annie Robin, sent details of a letter to the papers. As I have been researching Selwyn’s older brother Herman recently I hope you don’t mind me putting some flesh on the bones of this story.

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Scott Wilson · 25 November 2012 · # · · Comment [4]

Trove tag tip

Trove tags are very useful for keeping your articles together and in conjunction with a list make a great filing system but I have been frustrated trying to search for them. Until today!

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Tim G · 22 November 2012 · # · · Comment

The cottages on Bay Street for the limbless soldiers

Commemorative stone plaque, 71 Bay Street

A weathered sandstone plaque in the modern boundary wall facing the road at 71 Bay Street is one of the few reminders that this block – labelled Lot 43 in Mosman Council’s 1917 Building Register – was home to six weatherboard cottages built by the Mosman branch of the Voluntary Workers Association for disabled servicemen and war widows.

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Bernard · 7 November 2012 · # · · Comment




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