Ernest Gottlieb Bruce Musman

Born: 7 December 1896

Died: 31 August 1965

Served as a stretcher bearer with the 8th Field Ambulance. He was Mentioned in Despatches for his actions as a stretcher bearer during the 100 Day Offensive.  The recommendation reads:

During the Allied Advance from Villers-Bretonneux to the west of Peronne from the 8th August to the 7th September 1918 this stretcher bearer showed the utmost bravery and indefatigable energy.  Particularly at Harbonnieres this amn (sic) in charge of his stretcher squad succeeded in evacuating wounded under the heaviest artillery fire.  Again at Mont St Quentin the track was under heavy fire, but by his devotion to duty and his contempt of danger his squad worked continuously until the work of evacuation was accomplished.  This man is a particularly good stretcher bearer, his example is always of the best, and his services in general have always been highly commended by his various officers.



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