John Roy Smith

 Allan Allsop records seeing 'Ginger' Smith in his diary:

Tuesday 21 March 1916 - All day off. Saw Aust. mail going through to Cairo 4 Iron-barred trucks. Met Ginger Smith & Cullen (spring healed Jack) of the Artillery. They left today Helmets issued. Tunics & long drill pants arrived. Artillery practice Plum pudding as well

Tuesday 2 January 1917 - Striking a hospital tent in the morning and erecting it again in another part of the grounds. At 1 p.m. 10 of us went to the famous Caves near Naours where refugees used to hide in times of Invasion. These Caves contain about 300 rooms, one cave being 1/2 mile long. A whole Division of troops 20,000 could be accomodated here, horses, artillery etc. The names of John Norton & Eva Pannett are to be seen autographed on a stone just inside the entrance. Met "Ginger" Smith from Mosman.

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