George Arthur Bright

Born: 28 July 1899

Died: 22 June 1972

Son of George Thomas M. Bright and Eliza Reed of of 116 Military Road, Mosman. In 1914, George Thomas Bright, Master Plumber and Sanitary Engineer, was elected to Mosman Council representing Balmoral Ward.

Married 1924, at Mosman, Winifred Caroline Stafford.


  1. Janet (b. 1895 St Leonards - d. 1974)
  2. Annie Louisa 'Louie' (b. 1898 Mosman - d. 30.4.1973 Clareville) married 1929 Mosman Lester Keith Robinson (b. 1895 St Peters - d. 9.7.1976)
  3. Beatrice (b. 1902 Mosman - ?) married 1923 Mosman Robert Reginald 'Bert' Dargan (b. 1899 St Leonards - d. 11.6.1964 St Leonards). Beatrice's husband 'Bert' Dargan also served in WW1 and was the brother of William Robert Dargan (killed 15 June 1915).

Source: Geraldine Walsh

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