Carswell Alexander Niven

Born: 1884

Died: 11 September 1956

Served with Australian Naval and Military Expeditionary Force from 11 August 1914 to 4 March 1915.

He enlisted in the Australian Imperial Force on 2 April 1915.  He held the rank of Company Quartermaster Sergeant when he departed from Australia on 24 June 1915 with reinforcements for the 19th Battalion.  He was appointed Second Lieutenant on 19 August 1916 and Lieutenant on 1 January 1917.

He married Constance Edwina Pearce in London in December 1917.

In 1921 he moved to Singapore where he worked for the trading company, McAlister & Co Ltd. until 1938, when he became secretary of the Singapore Turf Club.  He was captured by the Japanese in 1942.  He spent more than three years interned in Changi.  He remained in Singapore until 1949 when he returned to Australia. 


WW1 dossier

"Well-known Malayan turf man dies in Australia", The Straits Times (Singapore), 13 September 1956, p7


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